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Ava Dotty Star Ornament
(Code: xmas1591)
AUD 9.00
Ava Dotty Star Ornament - $9. Approx 12cm tall.
AUD 8.00
White Bird on Pinecone Ornament - $8 each. Approx 7cm to 7.5cm tall.
Fibre Bird Ornament
(Code: xmas1426)
AUD 5.00
Fibre Bird Ornament - $5. Approx 8cm long.
White Dove Ornament
(Code: xmas1395)
AUD 14.00
White Dove Ornament - $14. Dove is approx 11cm tall.
White Heart Ornament
(Code: xmas1394)
AUD 14.00
White Heart Ornament - $14. Heart is approx 10cm tall.
White Star Ornament
(Code: xmas1393)
AUD 14.00
White Star Ornament - $14. Star is approx 10cm tall.
AUD 11.00
Flourish Hearts Ornament - $11. Approx 10cm long.
AUD 15.00
Kelly Rae "Dear Peace" Plaque Ornament - $15. Approx 13cm tall excluding hanger. Features green velvet edges and hanger.
AUD 23.00
Kelly Rae "Filled with Peace and Grace" Ornament (large) - $23. Approx 27cm tall excluding hanger.
AUD 18.00
Large Angel with Blue Background Timber Heart Ornament - $18. Approx 10.5cm x 13cm.
AUD 18.00
Large Angel with Cream Background Timber Heart Ornament - $18. Approx 10.5cm x 13cm.
AUD 10.00
"Glory Glory" Timber Cross Ornament - $10. Approx 16.5cm tall.
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