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Butterfly Wind Chime
(Code: nc1019)
AUD 22.00
Butterfly Windchime 70cm x 11cm x 11cm $22
AUD 26.00
Bird Mobile 64cm x 17.5cm x 4cm $26
Cement Planter
(Code: nc1017)
AUD 16.00
Cement Urn 15cm x 25cm x 25xm $16
AUD 14.00
Heart Bird Feeder 11cm high including the birds, x 20cm x 20cm $14.
Word Stones
(Code: nc1015)
AUD 3.50
"Feel Good" Word Stones 11.5cm x 8cm x 4cm $3.50 each
AUD 22.00
Hanging Glass Terrarium 20cm x 26cm x 24.5cm $22
AUD 19.00
Olive Pot with Flower Charm - $19. Approx 20cm tall.
AUD 18.50
Faux Succulent Terrarium - $18.50. Approx 14.5cm tall.
Faux Succulent Pot
(Code: nc768)
AUD 10.00
Faux Succulent Pot - $10. Approx 12cm tall.
AUD 12.00
Floral Bird Blackboard Stake - $12. Approx 31cm tall.
Mint Iron Lantern
(Code: garden010)
AUD 42.00
Mint Iron Lantern - $42. Approx 24cm x 20cm x 10cm.
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