Cats & Dogs

You can find Christmas themed pet items in the Christmas cats & dogs catalogue.


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AUD 24.00
Puppy in Sunnies Ornament - $24 each.
AUD 20.00
My Dog is Not Spoiled Sign - $20.
AUD 23.00
Cats @ Work "It's Monday. Let's Do This" Cat Mug - $23. Approx 11.5cm tall.
AUD 23.00
Cats @ Work "It's Time for My Cookie" Cat Mug - $23. Approx 11.5cm tall.
AUD 23.00
I Love My Dog Art Heart - $23. Art Hearts are uniquely designed to either hang as a conventional ornament or stand using the ornamental key.
AUD 19.00
"Real Men Like Cats" Mug - $19. Approx 11.5cm tall.
AUD 28.00
Heartwood Creek "Jethro" - Was $35 Now $28. Approx 14cm long. Beagle.
AUD 40.00
Heartwood Creek "Jilly" -Was $60 Now $40. Approx 20cm tall. Cat with fishbowl.
AUD 34.00
Heartwood Creek "Purrfect Day for an Egg Hunt" - $34. Approx 12cm tall. Easter cat.
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