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AUD 5.50
Natural Feathered Chick Clip - $5.50. Approx 11cm long.
AUD 8.00
Coffee Birds in Heart Ornament - $8. Approx 11.5cm tall.
Ava 3D Dove Ornament
(Code: xmas1599)
AUD 11.00
Ava 3D Dove Ornament - $11. Approx 11cm long.
Ava Tin Dotty Bird
(Code: xmas1598)
AUD 12.00
Ava Tin Dotty Bird - $12. Approx 13.5cm long.
AUD 5.00
White Bird on Pinecone Ornament - $5 each. Approx 7cm to 7.5cm tall.
Fibre Bird Ornament
(Code: xmas1426)
AUD 3.00
Fibre Bird Ornament - $3. Approx 8cm long.
Mini White Bird
(Code: nc618)
AUD 3.00
Mini White Bird - $3. Approx 5.5cm tall.
Mini Brown Bird
(Code: nc617)
AUD 3.00
Mini Brown Bird - $3 Approx 5.5cm tall.
AUD 12.00
Floral Bird Blackboard Stake - $12. Approx 31cm tall.
AUD 9.00
Brown Ceramic Bird Tealight Holder - $9. Approx 7cm tall.
White Bird Pick
(Code: xmas1143)
AUD 8.00
White Bird Pick - $8. Approx 36cm tall. Birds are approx 2cm tall.
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