Kelly Rae

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AUD 15.00
Kelly Rae "Dear Peace" Plaque Ornament - $15. Approx 13cm tall excluding hanger. Features green velvet edges and hanger.
AUD 23.00
Kelly Rae "Filled with Peace and Grace" Ornament (large) - $23. Approx 27cm tall excluding hanger.
AUD 19.50
Kelly Rae "Butterfly" Earrings - $19.50. Approx 5cm tall and 1.6cm wide.
AUD 19.50
Kelly Rae "Angel" Earrings - $19.50. Approx 5cm tall and 1.6cm wide.
AUD 52.00
Kelly Rae "New Life" Angel - $52. Approx 23cm tall.
AUD 55.00
Kelly Rae "Dream Big" Angel - $55. Approx 23cm tall.
AUD 10.00
Kelly Rae "Imagine" Star Ornament - $10. Approx 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 2cm.
AUD 45.00
Kelly Rae "Dear Friend" Angel Figurine - $45. Approx 18cm tall.
AUD 57.00
Kelly Rae "Trust" TImber Cross - $57. Approx 25cm x 17.5cm x 3cm.
AUD 18.00
Kelly Rae "Trust Your Divinity" Canvas (mini) - $18. Approx 15.5cm x 15.5cm x 2.5cm.
AUD 23.00
Soul Sisters Art Heart - $23. Approx 10cm tall. Art Hearts are uniquely designed to either hang as a conventional ornament or stand using the ornamental key.
AUD 22.00
Kelly Rae "Love" Cross Necklace - $22. Cross is approx 3cm tall.
AUD 24.00
Kelly Rae "Your Heart is Never Alone" Locket Necklace - $24. Pendant is approx 4cm tall.
AUD 87.00
Kelly Rae "Discover Beauty" Mirrored Cupboard - $87. Approx 37cm tall. Features mirror, drawer and 9 hooks inside cupboard.
AUD 92.00
Kelly Rae "Kindness" Angel - $92. Approx 39cm tall.
AUD 127.00
Kelly Rae "Love Always Wins" Angel - $127. Approx 41.5cm tall.
AUD 36.00
Kelly Rae "Love" Heart Necklace - $36. Length from top of heart to bottom of dangling chains is approx 16cm.
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