Sprays, Picks & Greenery

Sprays, picks and greenery are a great for adding a little extra oomph to your decor. Lay amongst table displays, nestle in your tree, place in vases and much more.

Find non-greenery garlands in the non-greenery garlands catalogue.

Find greenery wreaths in the wreaths catalogue.


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AUD 14.00
Green Sequin Spiral Bauble Pick 62cm x 18cm x 4cm $14
AUD 14.00
Sequin Bauble Pick 62cm x 18cm x 4cm $14
AUD 16.00
Cascading Acrylic Snowflake Pick 44cm x 17cm x 6.5cm 83cm full length $16
AUD 13.00
Wooden Snowflakes and Rusty Bell Pick 44cm x 12cm x 15cm 77cm full length $13.
Top Hat Pick
(Code: xmas1971)
AUD 14.00
Red Top Hat pick 70cm long hats 6cm x 9cm x 9cm $14
Top Hat Pick
(Code: xmas 1970)
AUD 14.00
Green Top Hat pick 70cm long hats are 6cm x 9cm x 9cm $14
Cranberry Pick
(Code: xmas1809)
AUD 12.50
Cranberry Pick - $12.50. Approx 37cm tall.
AUD 19.00
Tube of Greenery, Pinecones & Berries - $19. Berries are approx 8cm tall and pinecones are approx 3.5cm tall.
Hessian Holly Pick
(Code: xmas1805)
AUD 16.00
Hessian Holly Pick - $16. Approx 60cm tall.
Hessian Poinsettia Pick
(Code: xmas1804)
AUD 16.00
Hessian Poinsettia Pick - $16. Approx 20cm wide and 67cm tall.
Icy Snowflake Branch
(Code: xmas1803)
AUD 11.00
Icy Snowflake Branch - $11. Approx 69cm tall. Snowflakes are approx 6cm tall.
AUD 80.00
Light Up Christmas Joy Hanging Plant Basket - $167 Now $80. Approx 45cm wide.
Mistletoe Sprig
(Code: xmas1081)
AUD 8.00
Mistletoe Sprig - $8. Approx 20cm long.
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