January New Items

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AUD 18.00
Heartwood Creek "Holy Family in Stable" Ornament -Was $24 Now $18. Approx 9cm tall.
AUD 24.00
Heartwood Creek "Keep a Merry Beat" Ornament - Was $32 Now $24. Approx 12cm tall. Williamsburg angel with drum ornament.
AUD 65.00
Heartwood Creek "Cheers to a Merry Christmas" - Was $90 Now $65. Approx 25cm x 13cm x 11cm. Santa with wine glass.
AUD 20.00
Heartwood Creek "Jolly Old Santa Paws" Ornament - Was $24 Now $20. Christmas dog with wreath ornament.
AUD 20.00
Heartwood Creek "Catch the Christmas Spirit" Ornament - Was $24 Now $20. Approx 10cm tall. Cat with fish ornament.
AUD 24.00
Heartwood Creek "Snowman with Bell" Ornament - Was $28 Now $24. Approx 12.5cm tall including bell.
AUD 28.00
Heartwood Creek "Beware of Kitty" - $28. Approx 17cm tall. Halloween cat on pumpkin.
AUD 99.00
Heartwood Creek "Two by Two, All Creatures of Faith" - Was $150 Now $99. Approx 23cm tall. Noah's ark.
AUD 35.00
Heartwood Creek "Heart of Gold" - Was $45 Now $35. Approx 14cm tall. Bears sitting together.
AUD 15.00
Heartwood Creek "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" Plaque - $15. Approx 19cm tall.
AUD 85.00
Heartwood Creek "Piled High with Holiday Spirit" - Was $105 Now $85. Approx 32cm tall. Stacked Christmas friends.
AUD 45.00
Heartwood Creek Winter Scene Canvas - $45. Approx 41cm x 31cm.
AUD 40.00
Heartwood Creek "Jilly" -Was $60 Now $40. Approx 20cm tall. Cat with fishbowl.
AUD 64.00
Heartwood Creek "Keep a Merry Beat" - Was $82 Now $64 . Approx 25cm tall. Williamsburg angel with drum.
Light Up Acrylic Tree
(Code: xmas1242)
AUD 120.00
Light Up Acrylic Tree - $120. Approx 58cm tall.
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