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How to Add a Product to Your Cart
How to Remove a Product from Your Cart or Change Quantities
How to View Postage Costs Before Ordering
How to Complete Checkout
How to Order from the Catalogue



How to Add a Product to Your Cart

Click on "Product details" of the product you'd like to buy to be taken to it's product page. Here, you'll see larger images and any extra information on the product.

Click the green "Add to Cart" to buy a product. If you'd like to order more than one, you can use the + and - symbols (left of "Add to Cart") to change quantity.

After clicking "Add to Cart", a small box pops up to let you know it was added successfully. You can click "Continue Shopping" on the top left to continue browsing, or click "Show Cart" on the top right to view your cart and complete checkout.

You can also see your cart near the bottom of the left-hand menu when you are browsing the online store pages. It is below the login form and above the online store search. You can click "Show Cart" to complete checkout at any time.



How to Remove an Item from the Cart

From the cart page, you can remove an item or change the quantity of an item. The image below highlights the remove/update cart icons.

To remove an item, click the little blue bin icon next to the item you'd like to remove.

To change the quantity of an item, enter the correct quantity in the number box and click the blue arrows icon to update the cart.



How to Show Postage Costs Before Ordering

To check postage costs, click "Show Cart" after an item has been added to cart or in the left-hand menu (shown in last image above). Postage costs aren't displayed until your address and shipment option are entered, since postage calculations require this information. You can view postage costs without committing to a purchase by clicking on the two highlighted areas in the image below - "Add/Edit billing address information" and "Select Shipment".

You don't need to enter address information in the "Add/Edit shipment address" section unless your billing address is different to your shipping address.

When you click "Select Shipment", you'll be shown your postage choices and costs. Click on the radio button (the small circle) beside your postage choice and click the green "Save" button.

When you click "Add/Edit billing address information", you'll be shown a form to fill in. Only fields with a * symbol are required. Enter your information and click the green "Save" button at the top.

You'll now see a page similar to the below image. Your address will be shown in the top left and your shipment type is shown. The postage cost is shown below the product total, with a total including postage below that. Please note postage costs will change if you add or remove items.



How to Complete Checkout

To place your order, you'll need to select a payment method. Click "Change Payment" in the cart to select your payment method. Click on the radio button (the small circle) beside your payment choice and click the green "Save" button.

Direct deposit and Paypal are payment options in the online store - we can also process credit card payment via phone. If you'd like to pay via credit card, please call us on (07) 5442 9299 instead of completing checkout.


If you haven't yet entered your address and shipment method, follow the instructions above. Once these are entered, you are ready to complete checkout. Have a read of the terms of service by clicking the link near the bottom of the cart, then click the small box beside it to let us know you've read the terms. Finally, click the green "Check Out Now" button.


You'll now be taken to a very similar looking page to confirm your order details. Check that all details are correct and that the terms of service box is ticked. If everything is correct, click "Confirm Purchase".


If you chose to pay via direct deposit, you'll be shown a page with instructions on how to complete payment.

If you chose to pay via Paypal, you'll be redirected to the secure Paypal site to enter your Paypal details and complete payment. The image below shows the Paypal site you'll be redirected to - order information is on the left. Enter your Paypal login details on the right and follow the prompts to complete payment.


 How to Order From the Catalogue

The online catalogue features a much wider variety of products then we are able to stock in our online store. Our product lines change very quickly and it was too difficult to ensure that all items in the online store were actually still in stock. Our online store carries our staple ranges whilst the online catalogue allows our customers to browse much of the store without worrying about paying for unavailable items.

To place an order for items in the catalogue, you can fill in the order form (link is always shown in the top menu bar). All you need to do is fill in your details and let us know what products (and quantities of products) you'd like to order. We will then contact you to let you know if all items are available, total cost including postage and payment information.