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Store open 9am-5pm Sat from Oct till Xmas Eve - open other days throughout the year via appointment only
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0418 878 652
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A Country Lane - Christmas on the Hill

A Country Lane is a family-run store in Burpengary East, Queensland, specializing in Christmas decor, country-styled decor and unique gifts and collectables. 

Christmas is one of the major parts of the store, with Christmas being in stock and on display year-round. We are often known as "The Christmas Store" and love carrying holiday cheer throughout the whole year. We cover many styles of Christmas, including bright and cutesy, sleek and stylish and beautifully classic styles. We carry large ranges of nativities, snowglobes and ornaments and love finding very unique pieces for our customers.

The store is also well known for its non-Christmas homewares and gifts in contemporary country and French provincial styles. There's plenty of gorgeous wall art, clocks, cat & dog themed items and much more. Our collectables are also very popular, many of which overlap Christmas themes. Our best selling collection is Heartwood Creek and we have one of the most comprehensive collections in stock around.

The Staff

A Country Lane is a proudly family owned and run store. Rhonda owns the store and runs it with the help of her daughter, Emma.

Rhonda's long-held dream of one day running a Christmas or craft store finally came to fruition a few years ago when she bought A Country Lane. With a love of Christmas and holiday decor, it's no surprise that Rhonda would end up owning a Christmas shop one day! Our memories of Christmas growing up are filled with fun and amazement, as Rhonda has always loved Christmas decorating. We usually had more then one tree (as we had too many decorations for just one!) and every room in the house was decorated, even the bathroom! Her love of holiday decor extends to other celebrations as well, as we began having spooky Halloween parties, just to have fun decorating. For the rest of the year, she loves decorating in a variety of country styles and has quite the Heartwood Creek collection.

As the techie in the family, I (Emma) maintain the website, the facebook page, newsletters and the finances. I've also developed an interest in photography since starting to take photos for the website and am always trying improve my skills. You'll also see me in store at times, usually taking lots of photos to share online.